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This will be a less personal post, compared to the previous one. Though, the previous one wasn't as personal as some that I've written before.

Recently, I have been more interested in Visual Novels, and it is becoming more well-known nowadays. Some people have argued that they are indeed games, though I suppose it is mostly to do with the Japanese lettering, where there are Otoge (Otome Games), Eroge (Erotic Games), etc. implying that they are indeed games. In a sense, it would be so as people do actually make guides for specific routes or endings. But I tend to see it more of an alternate way to tell a story. Games themselves do also tell a story, but only some!

From some years ago, I've often made quite a bit of imaginary characters, who had different personalites and different backstories. Recently, they've started getting more polished, and trying to scrape off bits that are deemed too unrealistic. Many of them are some characters I have made up through RPs, and even the older ones will be included. They are the ones that need a lot more polishing, as I had also decided to take their backstory in too. One or two of them were previously uses in some Kingdom Hearts fanfictions, so there will be characters similar to those in the game. I will be editting some finer details, as they are supposed to be their own people.

Those characters that are too perfect will be toned down too, and will be having more flaws. Characters that are deemed too powerful will also be toned down to be weaker. That said though, I'm trying to mix in realistic elements into a flawed world, while trying to aim to make my own story. The worlds themselves would also be having a change. On most occasions, I have tried to put it into a Japan-inspired world, but recently, I feel like a proper globalisation of the imaginary world is needed. I don't want to give the impression that Japan is the only culture that is interesting, so I have decided to include many more others. Not everyone will be included, however, as to add in that realistic tone, I have decided that in reality, a lot of people tend to stick to their own kind, even if their society is multi-cultural. It is because of how easy it is, to be around people from the same culture, as they could relate to each other.

I will still aim to have more diversity in the kind of culture and such included, as their world now is very global too, and in a sense, they would be living in a first world nation, which promotes the idea of multi-cultural tolerence, however, ridding of those that wish to be the dominant culture. So there would still be a slight restrain on freedom of speech. The world will hopefully introduce some well-known issues that are currently still present in this world. That said, the world will most likely involve many "cities", though getting rid of the idea of nationality. I also do wonder about the possibility to include the idea of a "shift". Though, I think it's most likely something that would be part of their new culture, in which people are still quite open to the idea of moving or "shifting" between many of the cities. Obviously, there are people who enjoy a more "fixed" life, preferring to stay.

Issues such as sexism, racism, and religion, may make an appearance, though they are considered to be very touchy, so it does make me less likely to want to have it introduced in. Maybe a smaller degree would introduced, as they are still issues that do exist in many societies now, and even the more advanced ones.

At the moment, the lines are still blurry, and the concept of the world is still in the works. Characters themselves need a lot of work, though some of them are evidently more polished than others, due to... bias? I do wish to be able to make characters realistic, or at least, very relatable, so it would be easier to immerse people into the story. I hope to also apply the idea of having a bigger cast of main characters, as opposed to have only one or two. As I have said before, there will be people that play a more significant role than others, and hopefully, I will be able to introduce a good enough reason for it. At the moment, I stand on the idea that only few of the involved people are more invested in the whole group, while others are quicker to leave, so not to "get too involved". In a sense, this is something that I do feel that people nowadays also struggle with!

I used to call this Project Zero, but nowadays, it's hard to take that in. I have not made a proper project name, but I stuck to the idea (NERYS.CO)... but that is a bit different, and more of the name I took as opposed to a project...? Hmmm, confusing! I probably won't focus too much into it now, but I would like to see it take off eventually! So for now, I'll stop with this post. Though hopefully, I will work on some things today!
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