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2020-12-31 11:51 pm


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2020-12-31 11:48 pm
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To know more about me, you can read this post.

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2015-04-26 06:17 am

016 / More about the project!

This is a less personal post, and more about the project that I'm working on.

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2015-04-20 01:58 am
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I'm a twenty-two years old girl from a small, relatively unknown country in Asia, that lies within the jungles of Borneo. I go by several nicknames, such as Pudding, Kuma, and more recently, Nerys. My real name isn't quite hidden, however, I don't want to say it here. You will probably find me dropping it in some personal posts. I'm quite laid-back, lazy, and definitely socially awkward. There isn't really much about me that sticks out, besides being a total weirdo. I'm not good at common sense, so my logic doesn't quite work on normal occasions.

I enjoy very few things in life, though mostly they are lazy hobbies. I enjoy gaming, mostly playing single-player games, and a proper list of games will be found... somewhere! I also take joy in "playing" visual novels, though I'm quite specific on which ones I do enjoy. I enjoy watching anime as well, and a proper list could be found... somewhere too! I enjoy travelling, though I am more for lazy countryside journeys. I love food, and I love trying out new food. I can't specify what is my most favourite food, since I have a lot of them. My favourite past-time is sleeping, though I struggle to sleep (or keep awake) on most occasions.

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2015-04-19 12:28 pm

015 / An old project, or two, arises once more!

This will be a less personal post, compared to the previous one. Though, the previous one wasn't as personal as some that I've written before.

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2015-04-18 05:35 pm

014 / I re-live this life again!

Two years ago, I was gone. Today, I am back again.

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2013-04-15 07:22 pm

013 / A new year, the same person

Hello, internet world! 

Happy 2013!... and that was the end of my saved, unfinished journal entry for the new year. It was probably 4 months ago that I typed that, but I never got around to finishing it. Never have I remembered to. Things have changed over time, but I am still the same person as ever... I doubt anyone would ever get around to reading this, but it's fine.

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