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Two years ago, I was gone. Today, I am back again.

Two years ago, I had stopped blogging on many, if not all, websites, LJ being my main, and DW being my secondary. There was no real reason why I stopped, except for not feeling the need to. Around that time, I had a new boyfriend, whom I trust a lot, and talked and ranted to a lot, and thus, my lack of need to blog came in. However, now, I feel like I should bring it back into my life, and well, here I am!

I am still with the same boyfriend I was with two years ago, and now, our relationship has been standing still. Mostly due to the lack of funds, and the big distance between us. Dutch immigration rules can be pretty tough! So now, we're just awaiting for the opportunity to arise for us to get together. The biggest issue was initially his age, for he was required to be at least twenty-one years old. Two months ago, he hit that age, so what's stopping us, right? Many things, really. Firstly, funds. Secondly, Dutch language requirements. Thirdly, jobs. Lastly, marriage and religion. There is still a lot in line for us to be together, even if it's already been years now. We only really see ourselves being with each other in another few more years. Chances are, we'll probably end up being together after we're twenty-five years old.

So, what else is new? Besides my relationship, there have been many changes, such as bad family relations, depression, anxiety, debts, future woes, etc. I'm not much in the mood to actually talk about it, though it will definitely pop up again.

Why did I start blogging again? Sanity. My relationship with my boyfriend isn't perfect, and he was never (and should never had been) a replacement for a journal. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful that he is willing to listen, but like any human being, there are things he would not understand, and not used to having my thoughts being questioned, there are times when we argue. Two weeks ago, I started blogging on wordpress. It really felt good. Though, for some reason, the experience was different than that of livejournal. I don't know why. Maybe it was the lack of friends? I still lack friends on here, and I doubt that anyone will actually be reading this, but it was just... different. Maybe I just missed the layout, and the icons. So, I decided that maybe I should get back into this. I could have opted for LJ, but... it's something that I feel like I should just move on from. There are many things on there that I don't want to be associated with anymore. I'm not embarrassed of my past. I just want to not taint those memories with that of mine now.

In a sense, I want to start a new on something that I've already have, but wasn't too involved in? Does that even make much sense? Maybe not. Anyway, there isn't much for me to talk about at the moment, and just stating that from this day on, I'm going to be active once more is good enough for today.

There are a few things I've said that I'd like to get into, but maybe that's a topic for a new day?