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This is a less personal post, and more about the project that I'm working on.

Talking about (NERYS.CO), I see it more of a company that I'd like to one day expand on, so in the case, now it is more of an individual "company". I have yet to figure out what to name the project, as I am still brainstorming the finer details. There had been a bit more progress than I actually initially thought of, though they are just initial ideas that I'm expanding on, slowly. Initial details on initial ideas? I'd like to also work on a separate project that is related to this project, but that may take form later on in the stage.

One of my struggles with the project will have to be a clear idea of what sort of focus the story will talk about. On a wider scale, I'd like to take on and tackle the modern life struggles, yet, I also find myself enjoying expanding on a more "drama" or "slice of life" approach, focusing on the characters, their backgrounds and how they came to be. Yet, I do understand that those are some things people don't enjoy, and preferring a more slow character development.

Another struggle I have, is deciding whether or not I'd like to keep loyal to a "single character" point of view, or take point of views from other people, thus making it less of "putting people in only one character, to make them feel more involved in the story by putting themselves in one person". I'd like to have people feel like they are part of the story, yet I feel like by doing so, people will view the main character as the "main hero of the story" and therefore, would expect more from the character, and when combined with the idea of "there is no single character who will control the whole story", some people would see the character as bland, due to being normal. I also feel like by having a main character who learns about other characters and knows everything about them (by involving in arcs), they would deem a bit too nosy.

Initially, I'd have loved to put in a "otome game" feel to it, by allowing the main character be able to romance others, but the more I work on it, the more I'd feel the need to leave it out, or greatly tone it down, due to the fact that by having the main character focus on one romance or relationship, their stories also change, or at least, their point of views of the stories would change? Hmmm, this does give me a better approach to this. The talk of having a default story, that some otome games do have, is the idea in which there are two sort of stories, the main background story, and a character arc, which differs according to who the player may decide to focus on. I'd probably have to think of the impact it may have on the main character by being closer to certain characters, whether romantic, or not.

So, more about the world, I've previously talked about how it would be a modern setting, slightly more in the future than now, the lack of nations, and perhaps fewer habitable lands to live on, due to... things? I have yet to work on a proper history, but there would have been a huge thing that happened, putting a great impact on the world, and therefore... well, leading to the point of the story. There would be less people, and whether or not there will be nations are considered "extinct" (though, it is less likely to happen, due to the idea that in this world, there would always be someone of a certain nationality all around the world, due to the more "globalised" world).

One of the few things that will become a focus point in the story, is paranormal happenings, and its existence. Unfortunately, many of the people the main character is involved with may, or may not be fully human, or at least, they are "unique humans". I will attempt to keep loyal to the idea that at least some of them will be normal people, just maybe not have a sound mind. Many of these "non-human humans" will be related to some sort of paranormal being, in which becomes a major focus on the story maybe in the middle. One of the questions I had in my mind was, why would there still be anything of paranormality in a modern, futuristic world? As people are already now beginning to abandon cultural, spiritual, religious things, those are often where these paranormal legends exist. I've talked to my SO about this, and he said that he believes that in the future, people will be more spiritual, just perhaps less likely to be religious. I've thought about it, and maybe so, but it's something that I do need to think more about to fully understand what he means by that, and how I could actually apply it to my story. One of the few things that I decided that may be relevant (or at least, part of it) that could work, it would be the idea of having these paranormals to come to be more involved with people, due to the lack of "belief" and therefore, the disappearances of god. Humans, becoming a more powerful being (not on itself, but in a large number), would deem more attractive to these paranormals, and therefore, paranormals take on a more "human state".

I have not completed the characters fully, as I'd also need to work on their character development (of the past, present and future), but I can say for sure that, there will be a number of paranormals or "non-human humans", one of which may even involved the main character themselves? I'll definitely try to work harder to figure out what I can do to relate these paranormals with the new futuristic world.

As for the main story itself, I have yet to figure out what sort of story I'd like to have, but in reality, I'd like to have something close to a "whole-world event" that will affect everyone, and to re-inforce the idea of a globalised, united world. While I would have initially put it as an ending, I thought that I'd rather have it not end there and would rather have another story go after it... but it's still something difficult to think about, before I have a proper base setting first. As to what sort of world-wide event it would be, it would not technically be war or anything of that sort, maybe more towards the introduction of a new modern world? I'm not sure how to say it, but if you imagine a futurisitic system with a nation-less idea, it would mean that it's easier for people to get around, and what happens to people who have a bad record in a specific place, it would mean that it'd get difficult to track them down... to which people would also decide that to make it such, the world then would have a tracking system, and basically, then that would be when the "whole-wide event" MIGHT be involved in. They could even introduce a new place to live in, or even more discoveries. It's supposed to inspire a lot of people, yet there will be conflict to which there will always be people who are against such things.

I'd probably need to think more about it, and maybe I should even watch futuristic movies, series, and such.